Polystyrene sandwich panel

Shadowline roof polyurethane sandwich panel is a suitable covering for roofs in temperatures of -30 to +70 degrees Celsius.
– Must be good insulation for cold and heat.
– While being light, it can withstand live and dead loads on the roof.
– It is completely sealed and non-leakable against rain and snow.
– Be resistant to earthquakes.
– Has fire resistance appropriate to the intended use.
– To have a suitable and sufficient life against the sun, sun rays and radiation.
– Its maintenance and repairs are simple, easy and cheap
– Be beautiful and eye-catching

The shape and size of the trapezoidal profile, as well as the number of trapezoids across the panel and the top sheet, determine the compressive strength of a roof sandwich panel. In proportion to the distance of the foundation supports from each other and the slope of the roof and the amount of snowfall and maximum wind pressure in the area as well as the pressure of other loads on the roof, the appropriate roof sandwich panel should be calculated and specified. For example, in areas where it never snows or in projects where the distance between the support bases of the panels is close to each other, the use of sandwich panels with large trapezoids only leads to unnecessary weighting of the roof and unnecessary costs. Or when the slope of the roof is steep, even in snowy areas, it is not economical to use large trapezoidal steps. For this reason, all reputable European and even Turkish manufacturers produce several types of roof sandwich panels with different sizes of trapezoids so that the buyer can always select and buy the desired sandwich panel based on technical calculations.

1.2-meter-wide panels have less overlap joints, lower screw consumption, lower transportation costs, and a higher installation speed than the traditional narrow-width panels, and do not weigh down the roof unnecessarily while it will be more cost-effective for the buyer. Arya Baron for the first time in Iran and almost simultaneously with European manufacturers started to produce 1.2-meter wide panels, plus several ceiling models with different trapezoidal profiles for different roofs and in different climatic conditions have been a part of the Arya Baron product basket.