Wall Sandwich panel

Wall sandwich panel is one of the types of sandwich panels that is used to cover walls due to its unique features.

Wall Sandwich panels are in fact prefabricated insulation walls that are used for interior and exterior cladding of residential, commercial, medical, educational, military, office, sports and many other buildings. One of the most important uses of polyurethane sandwich panels is to cover the roof and walls of refrigerators, as well as clean rooms.
Polyurethane wall sandwich panels are produced in two ways: semi-automatic discontinuous (DisContinuous) or fully automatic continuous (Continuous). Until recently, only galvanized, Aluzinc, aluminum or stainless steel sheets were used for the base layer and the top layer of sandwich panels, and for this reason, sandwich panels, despite their many advantages, could not be welcomed in residential buildings. But recently, some European manufacturers have produced sandwich panels with gypsum board, sheet cement and ceramic, which was welcomed by unprecedented manufacturers of residential buildings and quickly produced in countries such as China, Korea and Turkey, due to its many advantages.
Arya Baron also produced wall sandwiches with double-sided gypsum board, double-sided cement, one-sided plaster, one-sided sheet cement and double-sided ceramics in Iran at the same time as Korea and Turkey, and now has these panels in its product basket offers to domestic and foreign markets.

Refrigerator wall sandwich panel

It is used to build refrigerators and has a high resistance to heat transfer.

Wall Sandwich panel of the shed ‌

Wall sandwich panel is the best material for large buildings and industrial sheds due to its light weight.

Clean room wall sandwich panel

Health care is especially important in making a clean room. The smooth surface of this sandwich panel prevents the accumulation of germs

Conex box wall sandwich panel

Wall sandwich panels are widely used to build prefabricated Conex boxes.