Prefabricated building assembled with concrete foundation

The foundation of this type of building consists of prefabricated concrete blocks that have locked plates on four sides and four belts on top. These blocks are molded with 300 grade concrete in Arya Baron factory and processed in standard conditions. After leveling the project land, these blocks, which are arranged in accordance with each building, have been calculated and mapped in advance.

At the end of the above steps, a wall is built between the concrete block space. Inside the space that is empty, the blocking process is done. At this stage, concrete is poured on the blockage and if the building has a toilet, it is completely isolated. As you know, the metal frame is made of a series of parts. In the prefabricated building, this metal frame is already prepared; As a result, only the stage of connecting it to the concrete foundation remains. At this stage, the metal structure is connected to the foundation by bolts and nuts based on the designed plan.

Now the structure is ready and the walls and roof should be installed on it. Usually, the walls and roof are made of sandwich panels. The wall and ceiling sandwich panels are connected on the metal structure. Doors and windows are also installed on the walls based on the customer’s taste. The last stage of the construction of the prefabricated building is done with concrete foundation, piping, construction of the building floor with various materials and electrical wiring.

Features of prefabricated building with concrete foundation

To install a prefabricated building with a concrete foundation, the project ground must be completely leveled. Placing the blocks and connecting them is done according to the customer’s taste. Each building has a different floor height; Therefore, the foundation pits and placement of blocks are designed and executed according to this height. After the ground and blocks are leveled, profiles are considered to connect them together.

Properties of prefabricated building with concrete foundation

  • Skeleton: columns, floor chassis and roof coil made of steel sheet and in the form of bent profiles
  • Color: Sandblast and then furnace color
  • Roof: Shadoline polyurethane sandwich panel with two pre-painted or aluzinc galvanized sheets
  • Walls: 40 mm thick polyurethane wall sandwich panel with two pre-painted galvanized sheets or aluzinc (according to the buyer’s opinion)
  • Floor: grid with profile, trapezoidal bent sheet, pressed wood layer and then ceramic or parquet (according to buyer’s opinion)
  • Door: sandwich panel door with lock and first-class handle
  • Window: aluminum with double-glazed glass
  • Electricity and lighting system: wiring based on the buyer’s request, built-in or surface-mounted, using cables, fuses and standard switches.

What are the advantages of a prefabricated building with concert foundation?

Prefab building with concrete foundation has advantages over other buildings. The strength of concrete foundation is higher than other foundations and it is safer. It is easy to control the quality of foundation execution. Recycling of materials used in such buildings is easy. The execution speed of the prefabricated building with concrete foundation is high and also less manpower is needed in order to reduce the costs and easy implementation of such a building.

Why a prefabricated building with a concrete foundation recommended?

In this article, the advantages and method of installing a prefabricated building with a concrete foundation were investigated. As the stages of its construction and installation were stated, the implementation of this building requires a long time; Because its structure is already prepared and after the foundation is implemented, the parts of the structure are connected to it. Also, the walls and roof are made of sandwich panels, and their installation on the metal frame is easy.

On the other hand, the installation and construction of a prefabricated building with a concrete foundation is also more economical compared to other structures.

What is the characteristic of a prefabricated building with concrete foundation?

Prefab building with concrete foundation has a series of very important features during construction. We mention some of these features in this section.

Building Structure

The skeleton of the building is made of iron profiles and these parts are connected with bolts and nuts. The design of these profiles is based on international standards.

Profile color

The profiles used in the foundation and floor of the structure should not have any contamination. For this, they are sandblasted and then thoroughly cleaned. In the final stage, they use furnace color to color the profiles. Furnace paints protect metal from corrosion and rust.

The roof of the building

The roof in a prefabricated building with a concrete foundation is usually sloped. The type of material used in the cover is usually made of sandwich panels with polyurethane insulation material.

Building walls

The walls, like the roof, are covered with polyurethane sandwich panels. Usually, the outer surfaces are made of Alozing or galvanized with a thickness of about 2 mm. These sandwich panels are pre-painted.

the floor of the building

After the blocking stage is done, the concrete pouring process is done on it. Then, based on the materials desired by the customer, the floor of the building is executed.

Building doors and windows

The doors and windows of the prefabricated building with concrete foundation can be double-glazed or any other type according to the customer’s taste. To install them on the walls, they use aluminum and install aluminum on a sandwich panel designed in a U shape.

Frequently Asked Prefabricated building assembled with concrete foundation

Concrete foundation can be considered one of the most resistant and strongest types of foundations in construction. In earthquake-prone areas, this type of foundation is widely used because they can show more resistance than other types of foundations when an earthquake occurs. In addition to building prefabricated structures, this foundation is also used to install masts. Other uses of this type of foundation include the following:

  • BTS tower
  • Lighting base
  • Traffic light base
  • The base of traffic cameras

Concrete is used in the construction of these prefabricated foundations for two reasons. First of all, concrete prevents water absorption and pollution, and another reason is that a smooth surface is often needed to build the base of the mast, so concrete is used to build the foundation and have a smoother surface.

What is a prefabricated concrete foundation and how is it produced? This type of foundation is made by pouring concrete in a mold. After construction, they are kept in a controlled environment and then transported to the project site. Why is it recommended to use precast concrete foundation? These prefabricated concrete foundations are of higher quality and resistance compared to the preparation of concrete mixture at the building site, because more control is done on them during construction.

Another advantage of using prefabricated concrete foundation is to increase the speed of project execution. In the traditional construction system, excavation, molding and concreting should be done first, while the use of prefabricated foundations increases the accuracy, speed and quality of construction, saves costs related to human labor and shortens the project implementation time. decreases. The construction of this concrete foundation in the factory increases their quality compared to the parts produced in the workshop. The implementation time of this type of foundation is also faster than other common systems.

The process of constructing a prefabricated building with a concrete foundation takes place in a controlled environment, and this issue leads to the establishment of more executive order at the project site. The construction site of the concrete foundation is often enclosed and roofed, so it is possible to carry out the work in any weather conditions.