AryaBaron, The Manufacturer of Modern Construction Materials

Arya Baron co. Iran’s prominent manufacturer of modern construction materials such as sandwich panels, coldroom doors, industrial shed, different kind of Conex boxes, restrooms and bathrooms, prefabricated buildings and pre-insulated Air Duct

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New construction materials of AryaBaron

Sandwich Panels

Sandwich panels are one of the best modern building materials that can substitute traditional ones. There are two types of Sandwich Panels: wall sandwich panels and roof sandwich panels. 
Sandwich panels can be beneficial from many aspects: earthquake resistibility, excellent heat and cold insulation, fast, affordable and easy installation and at last, portability. If you need an excellent sandwich panel with high quality, visit Arya Baron sandwich panels.

Coldroom Door

One of the basic needs of every developed country is to make smart and professional coldrooms. these structures are made of different parts, including: the door, the cooling system, etc. some of the many uses of coldrooms are food storage, military weapons, and so on.

Prefabricated Building

Prefabricated buildings are modern structures with many advantages. Some of the many benefits of Arya Baron’ prefabricated buildings are: High earthquake resistance, easily installable in any climate, impressively light, appropriate heat and cold insulation, ability to be changed in the plan and low maintenance. For more accurate information about different types of prefabricated buildings, visit our prefabricated building page. 


Conex structures are produced and designed in various types. Caravan Conex, prayer room Conex, security and guard Conex, desert kitchen Conex, mobile Conex, expandable Conex, assemble on site Conex, restroom. Conex, are some of the Conex structures of Arya Baron. For more information about different kinds of Arya Baron’ Conex structures and their usage visit the Conex page. 


Using pre-insulated channels have various advantages and here are the most prominent ones: energy-saving, affordability, high durability, heat and cold insulation, fast installation and performance, without sound and shaking, etc. 

Steel Construction

Necessity of building industrial sheds is one of the main needs of every developing country. Depending on the usage, Industrial sheds are manufactured and implemented in different sizes. In order to see the designed industrial sheds by Arya Baron, visit the industrial shed page.

آردواز فلزی

Metal Slate

Metal slate is a beautiful roof covering that is very resistant and stable due to the bends and arches that are created on it with high pressure by cold pressing or cold rolling.
Arya Baron has adopted the color and design of traditional and classic roofs in rainy areas to use them in the design and construction of these roofs.

Arya Baron CO. started its modern building in Mashhad/ Iran in a field with 60000 square meters and over 20000 square meters infrastructure with engineering approach while Polyurethane sandwich panel started to be used in modern structures in Europe. By utilization of the latest technology and advanced European all-automated machines, cooperating with professional managers and using the best materials and top it all with years of experience including international standards, Arya Baron currently offers the commodity with CE Euro standards:

  •  All kinds of Sandwich panels, including: wall, roof and coldroom. clean room with polyurethane insulation, rock wool and polystyrene
  • Conex boxes, mobile and restroom Conex
  • Coldroom, greenhouse, clean room, fire and CNC doors
  • Polystyrene Pieces (EPS)
  • Pre-insulated ductwork (channels)
  • metal structures

Sandwich Panels

Sandwich panels have a composite, light and three-layer structure.
This multi-layer structure has many advantages and features while having higher stability than the stability of its individual layers combined. Sandwich panels have much less weight than other construction materials and are used quickly and easily in any weather condition to cover the walls and roofs of all kinds of structures with various applications. Wall sandwich panel and roof sandwich panel are the most popular types of panels and new building materials.

• high durability

• Good insulation of cold and heat which leads to saving energy costs

Very low maintenance costs

• transferable to another installation location

• Washable and hygienic with very little water absorption

• installable on different types of structures

To order AryaBaron Sandwich Panels, Contact Our Support team. 

Prefabricated Building

The idea of producing building materials and prefabricated buildings originated in the beginning of the 18th century in Europe but it couldn’t be fulfilled before the 19th century. After the 10-year recession of World War II, the industrial flourishing era in northern America and European countries began. The motivation to accelerate construction and turn to prefabricated building structures and prefabricated houses was started due to high demand of housing. Today, more than 60% of buildings in developed countries are industrially produced, and more than 90% of their residential, commercial buildings use prefabricated building structures and dry systems.

Conex Boxes

Arya Baron, first designs the best sketch of the structure using the computing and analyzing software and then assemble the sketches into the related software to analyze the structure in different conditions. Hollow structural sections need to be designed in a way that installing the wall and ceiling could be done with enough strength and without thermal bridges. Therefore, appropriate design of the hollow structure sections has direct effects on stability, durability and the beauty of the Conex boxes.

After the structure was designed and analyzed in the related software and the standard requirements were met, the hollow structural sections are shaped with C.N.C machines. The quality of the sheets and also avoiding tension in different sections of the Hollow structure which highly depends on the forming frames and the machines, would directly affect the durability and stability of the structure.

Formed hollow structure sections of Arya Baron are welded according to the plan of the structure, using the modern CO2 welding machines which are infrangible, contrary to the frangible elder welding machines. Another factor that has high impact on the durability and stability of the structure is, the quality of welding which in turn relies on the welding machine, preparing the welding area and the welding skills.

Coloring the structure will have an impact on the beauty, stability, staining and the decay of the structure. Here in Arya Baron Toos, in order to reach a high quality in painting, first the whole surface of the metal structure of skeleton is sandblasted properly and then using the quality powder colors, plus automatic color nozzles, color is sprayed with desired thickness and baked at a suitable temperature in the paint ovens with precise temperature control.

Shed and coldrooms

Sheds and Coldrooms are structures that have a wide range of usage. Arya Baron has tried to design and produce all kinds of sheds, coldrooms and new construction materials with high quality by using the latest technologies. As you know, coldroom is a structure that is used to maintain the required temperature; To prevent the spoilage of all kinds of medicines, vegetables, fruits, food, etc. Without coldrooms, there will be no environment to store all kinds of medicines and food, and as a result, the economy, people’s livelihood, health and life will be in serious danger. Sheds are also metal structures that have different types and applications according to their design and measurement and the material used in them. Industrial sheds, sports sheds, workshop sheds, etc. It is considered one of the types of Arya Baron sheds.

سوله و سردخانه

Pre-insulated ductwork (channels)

This product is produced and offered in order to reduce the energy consumption in various industrial and construction sectors using the best technologies in the world by Arya Baron CO. Pre-insulated ductwork is a suitable replacement of metal or similar channels with higher efficiency and has always been considered by employers, consultants and executors of construction projects and buildings. These channels are made of two internal and external layers of aluminum and polyurethane foam, which is injected in the middle of them. Polyurethane foam is a good cold and heat insulator and is also stable against fire. This type of ductwork has significant economic advantages over other types of channels, including: reducing energy costs, easy installation and low maintenance, and is suitable for residential buildings, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, etc.


Why Arya Baron?

Arya Baron is currently one of Iran’s top brands in the field of designing, constructing and producing sandwich panels, prefabricated buildings, refrigerator doors, etc. This brand has been able to produce products with international standards in Iran and exporting them to neighboring countries by using specialized technical force as well as using technology and fully automatic production lines. 

Best prefabricated buildings producer co.

With years of experience in the field of design and construction of prefabricated buildings, Arya Baron Toos brand is currently one of the main and top brands producing all kinds of prefabricated buildings in Iran. The excellent quality of the brand’s products has enabled Arya Baron Toos’ prefabricated buildings to compete with foreign products. Presently, Arya Baron Toos’ products are exported to all neighboring countries of Iran.

The prominent Sandwich panel producer of the Country

As Arya Baron Toos co. uses the latest technology of the world beside the expert staff, it produces sandwich panels with the highest quality in Iran. This has made Arya Baron Toos brand as the top exporter and manufacturer in the field of sandwich panels for several years.

Certificates received by AryaBaron as the best producer of new construction materials