Types of conex shelters

If it is not possible to construct somewhere, the shelter, canopies or conex boxes can be used for temporary accommodation. There are different types of conex shelters, which can be described as:
Temporary accommodation in areas where construction is not possible, a place to provide periodic services to an area, the need for an office in emergencies and unforeseen circumstances, a temporary and portable shelter or a training classroom equipped and portable to anywhere. Each desired location, a mobile or portable store
And the urgent need for a space with special facilities and so on. 

Pre-assembled conex shelters

This type of canopy is designed and produced according to the plan and sizes approved by the clients, as well as choosing the design and color of interior and exterior walls.

Expandable Conex shelters

Pre-assembled conex shelters can be installed on a variety of trucks and tractors or on the ground without the need for foundations.

On-site assembly Conex boxes

These types of canopies consist of metal structures and prefabricated walls (sandwich panels) that are optimally packaged and assembled at the desired location.

Prefabricated prayer hall (mosque)

This type of prefabricated prayer hall is designed to be used in parks and promenades, military areas, resorts along the way, exhibitions, commercial centers, offices, etc., and while having a beautiful appearance and in harmony with Islamic architecture, can be easily transported and installed without the need for It has a foundation.

Mobile expandable Conex boxes

This type of canopies, while having the features of wheeled conex boxes, can be expanded from one or both sides automatically or manually in the shortest time, and after installation and expansion, they provide multiple space for their users.

Mobile (dynamic or portable) Store

Temporarily located mobile stores are usually designed for use in compact urban environments or exhibition spaces and are equipped according to the intended use to meet all the needs of a store in an optimal space.


Types of conex shelters

  • Expandable prefabricated conex
  • Factory assembly conex
  • Mobile expandable conex

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What is conex shelter (box) or canopy?

A canopy is a prefabricated structure that is called a conex in English and a shelter in other languages. The original idea was to build these prefabricated buildings for temporary accommodation, but today, due to the production of different types of them, they are used more.

Arya Baron wheeled canopies are designed and produced with the ability to move quickly and as a meeting of such needs, observing all the required standards for each type of use. These canopies can be installed on vans, trucks and trailers, or they can be wheeled and towed by vehicles.



In general, conex boxes are a type of prefabricated structure that is made using prefabricated and lightweight materials. The biggest advantages of these prefabricated canopies are light weight, easy movement and easy installation. Because the parts of these prefabricated structures are installed together without the use of reinforcement, concrete or any other mortar. Welding, screw or rivet joints are used to connect the canopy parts to each other. There are several types of canopies depending on their application:

  • Residential complex
  • Office complex
  • Villa complex
  • Guard barracks
  • Shop complex
  • Bathroom
  • Prayer Hall
  • Caravan

The types of these canopies, in terms of whether they are wheeled or not, can be divided into two general categories: mobile or wheeled canopy and fixed canopy without wheels. Mobile conex boxes are usually used for shops, coffee shops or fast food. Office, villa, residential, security and other complexes are often in the category of fixed complexes. Due to the expansion of urban spaces and significant progress in the construction industry, Arya Baron Toos factory is also trying to design its products, including a variety of buildings in accordance with the needs of the construction industry and in line with urban development. .

Dimensions of the conex boxes

The canopies are designed and built in different dimensions depending on what plan they are to be implemented in. The most common dimensions of the canopy are:

  1. 40 meter conex
  2. 90 meter conex
  3. 30 meter conex

Residential conex

The conex boxes are now used as permanent shelter due to advances in design and construction. Residential buildings have been selected as one of the most popular products of Arya Baron Toos brand because of their ability to be implemented in any environment and also their portability.

Very low cost, beautiful and pleasant design, the ability to change the plan, the possibility of construction in a variety of designs, proper heat and cold insulation, anti-earthquake and etc. has made this shelter the best shelter for life. For more information, you can refer to the residential conex page