Roof and ceiling sandwich panel

Roof sandwich panel

One of the best replacements for old building materials of the roof is to use roof sandwich panels. Today, roof sandwich panels have become one of the most suitable prefabricated structures for buildings, sheds due to their suitable structure and also the presence of insulation layer in it. There are several benefits to using Arya Baron Toos roof sandwich panels, including the following:

  • Insulation
  • Convenient and excellent thickness
  • High durability
  • Proper design and appearance
  • Etc.

Insulation layer of roof sandwich panels

What do you know about the insulation layer of sandwich panels? The insulation layer of the roof sandwich panel consists of 3 materials called rock wool, polyurethane and polystyrene, which is a suitable insulation for cold and heat, etc. The high quality of the insulation layer has significantly reduced energy costs.

Thickness and material of roof sandwich panel sheet

In most cases, the top layer of the roof sandwich panel is considered to be made of Aluzinc sheet or galvanized sheet. The material of these sheets can have a great impact on the final quality of the roof sandwich panel, which will also increase the price.

Roof sandwich panel applications

Roof sandwich panels, as their name implies, are used to cover the roof. Roof sandwich panels are used to cover various roofs such as commercial, educational, production halls, cold storage, commercial premises, sports halls, warehouses, ranches, etc.

Producing a roof sandwich panel with the latest devices

The design and manufacture of Arya Baron Toos roof sandwich panels is done by the latest devices and the latest technologies in the world. The use of these technologies has caused Arya Baron Toos sandwich panels to be sent to the neighbor countries.

High durability of roof sandwich panels

Arya Baron Toos roof sandwich panels are currently one of the highest quality prefabricated structures in the country due to their design style and the use of quality raw materials. The durability and high quality of these products have caused this product to be sent to other countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.

Specialists in designing and manufacturing roof sandwich panels

Arya Baron Toos factory has become one of the best-selling companies in the field of roof sandwich panel manufacturing due to the use of specialized and professional staff in the field of designing and manufacturing sandwich panels. The biggest advantage of Arya Baron Toos over other competitors is the presence of specialized human resources .

Why Arya Baron Toos Sandwich Panels?

Arya Baron Toos brand with years of experience in designing and manufacturing various types of sandwich panels, especially roof sandwich panels, has now become one of the most professional companies in designing and manufacturing this category of products. If we want to examine the ability of Arya Baron in the field of making roof sandwich panels, it will be same as below:

Expert and technical staff 100%
Quality and ability to make different sandwich panels 100%
Exporting Arya Baron Toos products to other countries 99%