Shadowline sheet is one of the most different corrugated designs that has a classic design similar to a trapezoid. This sheet has been used as a top layer of roofing sandwich panels for many years. There are many benefits in using Shadowline sandwich panels. Increasing the resistance of the roof of the structure to physical damage, high resistance of this sheet to moisture, no breakage, quick and easy installation, high variety in design and color are the advantages of Shadowline sandwich panels.In the past, the classic Shadowline sheets were mostly used for execution on roof sandwich panels, but today, the applications of this sheet have expanded a lot and it can be implemented on different roofs. The issue in the production of these sandwich panels is the number of trapezoids created in the sandwich panel. The more trapezoids in the sandwich panel are used, the stronger the panel would be. A Shadowline roof sandwich panel must withstand the maximum pressure of live load and dead load imposed on the roof, so its sufficient strength and durability is of particular importance. To produce Shadowline roof sandwich panels, several trapezoids are created through cold rolling methods on the sheet.

Quick and easy installation

One of the biggest advantages of using Shadowline sandwich panels is the quick and easy installation. Shadowline sheet has high safety against physical accidents.

Moisture resistance

Shadowline sandwich panels are highly resistant to moisture and are also resistant to impact and physical damage.

Good looking and light weight

Shadowline sheets are very light weight and brings beauty to the appearance of buildings. These sheets have a high variety in the market.

Shadowline design sandwich panels are produced exclusively by Arya Baron Toos Company and have different types.

Turk ceiling sandwich panels: This type of Shadowline sandwich panels by Arya Baron Toos, are produced with a useful width of 1025 mm and have 5 steps or 5 trapezoids in the width. The main application of these sandwich panels is in the shed construction industry. To reduce the cost of making these sandwich panels, the tops are made with a height of 32 mm; This action reduces the cost of making this type of sandwich panel in Shadowline design. These sandwich panels are produced with PUR or PIR polyurethane insulation.

Shadowline sandwich panels Italian design: Another product of Arya Baron Toos are Shadowline sandwich panels with Italian design. This sandwich panel has the widest width among all types of sandwich panels; Its effective width is 1115 mm. The height of the top of these sandwich panels is 20 mm. High width and low height make this sandwich panel more economical choice.

Shadowline sandwich panels German design: German Shadowline sandwich panels were among the first sandwich panels to be made with the classic Shadowline design. The effective width of these sandwich panels is 1025 mm and the peak height is 40 mm. The higher height of the German sandwich panel makes it more expensive than the Italian Shadowline panels. German Shadowline sandwich panels are produced with the following insulation:

  • Polystyrene insulation without foam injection at the edges and polystyrene insulation with foam injection at both edges
  • Rock wool insulation without foam injection at the edges and rock wool insulation with foam injection at the edges
  • PUR or PIR polyurethane insulation

3 steps and 4 steps Shadowline sandwich panel: These sandwich panels are panels that are produced exclusively by Arya Baron Toos based on the customer’s request. Like other types of Shadowline roof sandwich panels, 3-step and 4-step panels are made by cold rolling methods. One of the advantages of this type of sandwich panels is the overlapped the last step. The last step is considered as an inefficient  width of this sandwich panel and is not included in the customer invoice.

Norwegian Shadowline Sandwich Panel: One of the other exclusive products of Arya Baron Toos in the field of production of Shadowline roof sandwich panels are Norwegian Shadowlines. These sandwich panels are produced with PUR or PIR polyurethane insulation.