Rock wool sandwich panel

Rock wool sandwich panels have excellent fire resistance and can withstand fire for up to 120 minutes while maintaining their structural properties, and the thicker the rock wool layer, the longer this stability time will be. Another interesting feature of a rock wool sandwich panel is its sound or acoustic absorption, which can reduce the sound up to 35 decibels, because when producing rock wool boards, the strength in the horizontal direction is more than the vertical direction. In the advanced production method, unlike the old methods, the rock wool is cut in width and placed between the sheets of the sandwich panel after a 90 degree rotation.

To produce this sandwich panel, the cut rock wool must be stacked next to each other and glued to the top and bottom sheet with a special glue. The choice of the type of adhesive and the facilities of the production line for uniform and sufficient spraying of this adhesive have a great effect on the quality of the Rock Wool sandwich panel. In Arya Baron production line, water-insoluble refractory adhesives are used to make this connection, because if the adhesive used does not have the necessary stability against fire, the main feature of these panels, which is fire resistance, will be lost, or if water-soluble refractory adhesives are used, the bond between the rock wool and the sheet will break over time.