Traditional refrigerator sandwich panel


insulation thickness (mm) 70,80,90,100,120,150
effective width (mm) 945 , 1020 , 1185
maximum lengthAt desired lengths and depending on shipping conditions

Insulation layer

density 40±2kg/m³
Heat transfer coefficientW/(m.K) 0/0159~0/0260
type of foamPUR (B2) , PIR

Top and bottom layers

top and bottom sheet Pre-painted galvanized / Pre-painted aluzinc / Pre-painted aluminum/steel
thickness0.3 to 0.7 mm
forming type Cold rolling (fine shutters, coarse shutters, smooth)

Connecting together

Performance and efficiency of a refrigerator


Obviously, the efficiency and effectiveness of a refrigerator depends on the insulation of the environment inside it and the reduction of heat exchange between the environment inside and outside as much as possible. The following changes play an important role in this insulation.

1- The way sandwich panels connect to each other at the location of the plug and tabs

2- Insulation quality of sandwich panels and its heat transfer coefficient

3-The way sandwich panels connect to the floor

4- The quality of the doors and how to connect the doors to the panels


One of the challenges of refrigerators, whether during installation or operation, is the proper connection and air locks of the sandwich panels to each other. Although the skill of installation and precision in installation is also effective in this issue, but the plugs and tabs should be produced in a standard and principled manner in terms of geometric shape design and accuracy in dimensions and no distortion and contact surface coating material. The best way to improve the airlock quality of refrigerators is to reduce the number of joints between the sandwich panels. For the first time in Iran, Arya Baron succeeded in producing wide cold sandwich panels with a width of 120 cm. When the walls and ceiling of a cold storage are covered with 120 cm wide sandwich panels, the number of joints is reduced by 20% compared to the traditional 1 m wide sandwich panels. In other words, the challenge of keeping the refrigerator cool airlock is reduced by 20% without any changes just by using a wider panel.

size Performance and efficiency of a refrigerator

Another advantage of 1.2-meter wide sandwich panels is the optimal use of space for trucks and trailers, resulting in a 40% reduction in transportation costs.

The loadable width of the floor of a trailer is 2.5 meters, and when two rows of 1.2-meter wide sandwich panels are loaded next to each other, 2.4 meters of width is used. If two rows of traditional sandwich panels with a width of 1 meter occupy a width of 2 meters and the space volume will be 40 cm wide by 12 m long and 2.5 m high.


The geometric design of the plug and tongue (tips) should be in a way that after connecting the two panels to each other, these two levels have the highest length of contact with each other.

Shape of polyethylene cloud layer

To improve this connection, thin polyethylene cloud layers are also used during installation.

Shape of polyethylene cloud layer

Silicone adhesives are also used to improve air tightness during installation, but it should be noted that these adhesives have good adhesion to paper surfaces and do not adhere to plastic or greasy surfaces.

In order to have enough strength in transport and in the pressures when installing the top and the bottom sheet to the plug, it is necessary that the top of the top sheet and the bottom sheet are placed inside the injected foam.
In Arya Baron sandwich panels, this important point has been observed in a principled and appropriate manner.

In the Arya Baron sandwich panel, the upper and lower parts of the tongue is rolled the form of a congress to distort the sheet and create a smooth and integrated surface for better contact with the plug part.  

For the first time in Iran, Arya Baron produced sandwich panels for refrigerators equipped with refrigeration locks in the Continuous line in order to better connect the panels to each other and for the durability of the connections in earthquakes.

Arya Baron also produces and markets locked panels for the best airlock and fast installation according to the order to connect the walls to the ceiling.