Double-sided wall sandwich panel with polystyrene insulation and foam injection on both edges


The advantages of 1.2-meter wide sandwich panels over traditional narrow-panel made many European manufacturers to research technically to know how the machines are manufactured. Arya Baron also succeeded in producing these wide sandwich panels for the first time in Iran and almost simultaneously with some reputable global manufacturers.

Advantages of 1.2 m wide wall sandwich panel compared to traditional narrow type:

  • More installation speed
  • Less shipping cost
  • Better sealing is due to fewer joints and less screw consumption.
(x) (mm) 20,30,40,50,60,70,80,90,100,120,150
effective width (mm) 945 , 1020 , 1185
maximum lentgh in desired length up to 14 m

insulation layer material

density 14-30kg/m³
Heat transfer coefficient 0.03-0.04 W/(m.K)
foam type of double edgePUR (B2) , PIR

top and bottom layer material

top and bottom sheet Pre-painted galvanized-self-painted / Pre-painted aluzinc - Self-painted / Pre-painted aluminum - Self-painted - Matte or glossy stainless steel
sheet thickness 0.3 to 0.7 mm
forming type cold rolling

The color and design of the common sheet in Arya Baron products


Rolling type of top and bottom sheet

Rolling type of top and bottom sheet

The top and the bottom sheets are rolled in various forms in the roll forming machine and are selected in accordance with the expected pressure tolerance and the appearance of the rolling type.

Arya Baron can produce a wide range of rolling forms for the top and bottom of sandwich panels with the help of very modern machines and C.N.C. production lines.